Artist Statement

My work is made with acrylic paint and mixed media including recycled denim, organic bits and pieces  harvested from my gardens, beach treasures, and small vintage objects – almost anything with interesting shape or texture.

Inspired by local wildlife and the patterns and textures of the natural world, my paintings have a “modern rustic” feel, bridging traditional and contemporary themes. My technique of layering paint saturated materials on wood and canvas apply methods from hand building with clay as well as appliqué, art quilting, collage, encaustics and papier mâché. This process is very tactile with a sculptural effect that satisfies a deep desire to mould materials by hand.

The imagery found in these creations is often the local “critters” – hand painted, based on my own photographs or referenced from friends and family’s photo collections.

I hope to evoke curiosity in viewers. I want them to find a connection to the nostalgia of old jeans, the determination or apparent emotion in nature’s creatures, the desire to touch precious items… I don’t consider my art to be precious but I do think it is a way of communicating our relationships with animate and inanimate things. Sometimes our feelings towards both are very similar and that fascinates me.