The Studio

How(e) Creative Studio is in transition!

I’ve moved into a new space in the Village of Haliburton. While I’ll still be using the “old” studio shown below for bigger, messier projects, I’ll be hosting events and presenting my work in my new location. I’ll post photos and more information about my cool new space soon.
Here’s a few sneak preview shots for now-

My “old” studio is one of the last “tar paper shacks” from the historic logging days of the Redstone Lake area. Loggers and their families lived in these tiny cabins all year long while working at the mill on Redstone Lake Road.

For years, the previous owners had used it for storage, and it had become a home for some small critters. Luckily the bones of the building were still very strong- made of original hemlock from the old days.

Interior of the studio, before renovations
Interior of the studio, before renovations

We gutted the shack, insulated, dry-walled, and painted it, sanded the original wood ceiling and got it all lit up. It’s still a work in progress, but is such a lovely place to create and show my work.

Studio Interior, 2018 & 2019

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