How(e) Creative Studio

How(e) Creative Studio presents my work, my collections of vintage and up-thrifted items, the work of occasional guest artists, and hosts workshops & events. Located at 35 Pine Ave. in the Village of Haliburton.

It is not only my working studio, office, and presentation space, but also my living room, kitchen, home and entire life. All jammed into one very eclectic room.

You are required to book an appointment to come inside. No drop ins outside of scheduled events. Contact me in advance and come see what’s happening!

Blast from the Past…

You might remember me from my “old” studio – it was one of the last “tar paper shacks” from the historic logging days of the Redstone Lake area.

This studio is now CLOSED, but I’ve included a few shots here for schmaltz.

Interior of the studio, before renovations
Interior of the studio, before renovations

Studio Interior, 2018 & 2019